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MICHAEL CHRISTIE is the modern version of a renaissance man, which is the nice way of saying he cannot sit still long, and he has multiple types of projects going on at the same time. He is not only an artist. Michael is a creator, designer, builder and family man.

His mind is constantly looking at each project with the eye of an artist; designing, redesigning and reinventing. 

He studied at the Maryland Institute of Art & the Schuler School of Fine Art in Baltimore.  There he learned the classical style of painting, using his training as a tool with which he brings his life experiences to the canvas.
Michael has been recognized for his work internationally with American Artist Magazine, Time Magazine and other periodicals and exhibitions throughout his thirty plus years of painting and designing.

Michael has carried the mood of his childhood on a West Virginian farm, wandering and hunting in the mountains, as inspiration for his paintings. His time living in France, traveling through England and Scotland, and "walking through history," as he calls it, influences the themes and atmospheres of his work.

He now works and paints in Lewisburg, West Virginia, the "coolest small town in America," where he lives with his family.

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